Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau

What is it?

When you need a guest speaker for an event, a business or organizational meeting or podcast, promotional video, or event Our speakers Bureau has you covered!

We cover a wide range of topics, and have an extensive vetted group of guests and speakers as they relate to our parent organizations core of Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom. We also have motivational and team building options as the need arises.

The fees for these speakers and guests range from FREE and up. All fees are negotible and agreed upon prior to the engagement. So, if your looking for that special guest why not get the process started and submit this form letting us know what you are looking for. We will respond with the speakers or guests that fit your needs the best.

Why not involve others in helping you build momentum for getting your message heard? That’s why it is beneficial to have one of our speakers or guests involved in your next event or podcast.

Are you looking for a brand ambassador? Or a Social Media Influencer? We have the resources to help you down this avenue as well. With our diverse portfolio of Visible, Public people we can help you get your brand awareness out. Visit our Contact Us and ask to speak with a representative regarding your needs and we will strive to find the right connection.

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