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We provide graphic design, content, and logos for all your print marketing needs.

At Market Me, we can design any marketing materials you may need. We also design menus, flyers, coupons, and place mats for the food service industry – items that can really get you seen in a practical way! If your business or organization needs newsletter or email campaign design and production, we would be happy to provide that as well. It’s all part of what we do for clients to help you to promote your business on the street, where it counts.

What is it about print marketing the challenges client companies?

In our experience, what it comes down to is that print marketing has been pushed into the margins, into the shadows if you will, by the gamut of digital marketing that’s available. People ask themselves: ‘why should I make a brochure or a flyer if I can just put everything on Facebook?’ 

First of all, not everybody is into social media. Secondly, what about when you’re on the street? It’s not always advantageous to be dealing with digital channels when your business happens in the real world. These are just some of the reasons that print media is still relevant today. As humans, we’re never going to go “all digital” partly just because we still crave the natural look and feel of the analog world, much to the chagrin of people who would like to just merge us with robots and be done with it!

We understand how to do the print marketing, even in a time when a lot of this knowledge has been lost. There are logistics involved – you have to work well with your printer. You have to have the right information to get the print work done. There are graphic design considerations as well. But all of this is made easy with our experience consulting, and the resources that we have to make these campaigns effortless for you. Print media is still alive! Digital has its place, yes, but so does print. We help you to optimize both, to live in that good place between how things are now, and how things used to be. 

Marketing Materials Printing: Through our robust contacts we can produce and supply all of your printed marketing material needs. From Business cards, flyers, t-shirts, hats, magnets, signs, vehicle lettering and more. 

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