Press Release

In the world of business today sometimes we all need a good Press Release. A quality press release is essential to help us get our message out. We here at “Market Me” have extensive experience with producing the eye-catching copy needed for effective press releases. In addition to facilitating the distribution of those releases to the appropriate groups.

The use of press releases as a strategic tool. When used to highlight the major milestones of your business or organization. A professional Press Release is a true art.  Too much and the results are diluted in their effectiveness. Too little and you have wasted opportunity. Here at Market Me, we have the experience to make those tough calls and help you develop a plan that makes the best use of this avenue for growth. Without diluting your brand.

Our connection with our parent organizations media group gives us a unique outlet to assist with getting your press release in front of the proper person. Our content group of “Market Me” is able to produce relevant content or articles to your message and assist with getting them in paid placement with major publications. Yet another way we are able to help you be creative in your use of your marketing dollars for maximum impact.

Are you experiencing negative press or blowback in this current economic environment? We offer Branding Services, Public Relations, and Reputation Management to help you turn the public relations lemon into lemon aid. Don’t let the stress eat you at night. Let our skilled staff handle the mess for you and turn it around.

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