Payment Methods

Pay As You Go

This is our solution to those who are afraid to invest the starting capital for a more expensive type of initial campaign, or simply don’t have it at this time. We offer this type of plan so that you can start marketing and get the benefits of our services at affordable rates. We ask for a LOW down payment of only $25 to get started. There are two different ways this can work:

Pay Per Call:

Under this plan, you are charged for each call (can apply to emails and messages as well) that our system tracks as a result of our marketing efforts on your behalf. We would set up a unique VoIP number for your ads, and you would be charged a fee per call resulting from our marketing. Those fees start as low as $0.15 per call generated. This per-call fee varies based on the industry and market that you are in. The fees will be deducted from your down payment and the campaign will stop when you reach your available balance. There is a setup fee that varies depending on your industry and market. 

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Pay Per Lead:

Under this plan, you are charged for verified leads that we provide to your business or organization. In other words, our staff take the inbound call, email, or message and get the pertinent information as it relates to your industry. Then that information is compiled and sent on to you. These verified leads start as low as $1 per lead and are charged towards your balance. The cost is dependent on the industry and market that we are marketing for. When your balance is used up, the leads stop, until you refill the account. There is a setup fee based on the industry and market we are producing verified leads for. 

We understand that it’s not always a good idea to max out your capital startup costs right away. The idea of lean overhead is vastly valuable in business, and it’s underutilized in general. So it absolutely makes sense to go with one of these models if you want your revenues to cover your marketing costs. The good news is that these strategies are entirely effective on their own. With our networks and resources, you can get started getting qualified leads in the door! Let us be your partner in growing your business over time at a rate that is not only affordable but flexible.

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