Event Services

Our event services include the construction of staging, props, sound and visual effects, and more. We figure out off-grid power, ticket sales, access control, setup, cleanup, vendor recruitment and relations, location procurement, and permits. We can also refer you to insurance carriers for event insurance that works with your type of business or organization’s event.

Think about it: when it comes to event services, you have a lot of needs and options to consider.

Prior to the event, you have the need to get the necessary permits, along with insurance and location procurement. During the event, you have various types of access control as well as staging – the use of audiovisuals to make sure you pull the event off well.

Afterward, you have cleanup and the removal of the infrastructure that helped to make your event a success.

All of these steps are important. When you skimp on any of them, you compromise the effectiveness of your event and your business or organization’s reputation. On the other hand, when you have the capability to pull everything off well, you get good word of mouth.

We are experienced at facilitating this entire life cycle, not just one element of event services, but the whole ball of wax. It’s what we do! And our experience comes in handy when a client wants to get visibility and real community impact the right way.

Through our STEP Group Companies, we have a wide range of creative props and gear for events available to RENT or LEASE. 

From The Fishy Corn, the Fishy Sugar Beet, to The Ambassador Livestock of GTKYF Foundation Inc, and so much more. Use our assets to help to enhance your event. We have experience in constructing stage rigging, as well as Life Size Props, and yes, even guerilla signs for low-cost effective marketing. We have sound and audio-visual equipment for rent at reasonable rates. Tables, tents, chairs, trash cans, and a whole lot more are all available on a rental or lease basis. 

There are options for event staff, event ushers, food vendors, cleanup, and access for both community and non-profit organizations to participate as a fundraiser. This is another way to build relationships with the community and help spread your message. 

Many of these services are provided in conjunction with our fellow STEP Group companies, as well as others. Some may be done in conjunction with our parent organizations and other programs as well. Browse the website for more details.

Website Management

When it comes to your online marketing efforts to get your message out. Website management is critical in keeping the updates of the programs, code, and software necessary to make a statement online. We here at Market Me offer a service that keep track of the updates, and even can help you with providing site content updates and information. Don’t let your competitors have the edge. Stay on top of the pack and get your message heard.

We have the capabilities to create and publish fresh engaging content for your site based on your needs. Good accurate fresh content helps with your SEO and getting heard.

Contact Us Today and leave the details of a accurate website to us.