Event Management

Sometimes, the best way to get your message out is to have an event.

Events can come in many shapes and sizes: from a workshop to a presentation, to a sidewalk sale, to a flea market, to a festival, to a pop-up promotional event… events are, in a very real sense, what’s happening! We have extensive experience in the production and management of many types of events. As well as the savvy to make these happenings work for your brand visibility. Providing an overall business or organization’s benefit.

Want to build a great public event?

We have abundant experience posting and promoting local events. We have two important kinds of experience. First, there’s the logistical experience of being able to source banners and resources for tabling. And everything else you need and deliver it to an event the right way. The second kind of experience is the experience to consult and figure out what you want to get out of an event, and how to make those things happen. That’s where you get into developing the “narrative” of the event: what is it, what’s it all about, what people need to know – we’ve done this for years and we know how it works. 

Make no mistake, public events can absolutely be a great way to get brand visibility and achieve your goals. But it has to be approached the right way. Let us help to handle everything from A to Z – including the nuts and bolts of how to transport materials, as well as the overall planning that occurs when you’re trying to figure out how to present your ideas to the world or whoever is stopping by.

From press releases to speakers, to unique props our agency, “Market Me” is here to make your event the biggest success it can be. We’re helping you get your message out and reach your local community. We are well versed in budget control and using creativity to save when it comes to events.

Our event group services are also customizable to your business or organization’s needs. If you are not ready to host or produce an event on your own, we have a multitude of avenues and resources in place, in order to work with other small businesses and organizations and make the most of something that’s happening in a particular place. Co-oping events together can add value! Our Event Services group is here to make your event as stress-free and impactful as possible. Make sure to check out what services we provide.