Domain Management

What is Domain Management?

As a business or organization, you have “skin in the game” when it comes to how your web domains are handled. 

Maybe you have purchased a domain …. or maybe several. That’s the easy part! Maybe you have purchased the key domains related to your key message, products, or services. That’s good! But again, it’s just the beginning. We here at Market Me offer the service of the management, purchase, and even sale of those domains – and that is critically important for your business, as we know well! That equation is something that we often explain to clients when we start putting a practical plan together. 

When it comes to domains, sub-domains, TLDs, DNS, and URLs, our extensive active holdings via our parent organizations TECH Group provide the necessary understanding and experience to make your investment in domains thrive. It’s second nature to us because our in-house teams are savvy about the modern web and how it works for a small, local business, not a big corporation. 

Why travel the lonely road of domain management alone? Why not trust someone with the experience and knowledge to meet your goals when it comes to your intellectual property on the internet? A good web partner can take the pressure off of you because a good web footprint does require some specific maintenance and evaluation over time.  We use multiple resources to locate and purchase the appropriate domains, to achieve results – all the while keeping your costs and budget in mind. 

Think of the domains that you invest in as “virtual real estate.” They’re an investment in your end goal, and getting out the message you want out for others to find on the web. If you are interested in purchasing domains as an investment, or for resale, we can guide you with that kind of process as well. 

In terms of getting the right domains and managing them correctly, you have to have a certain level of trust with your providers and vendors. You have to have a certain level of support. We are here to provide you with just that, and more.

The problem is that, as so many small business people have found, it’s hard to trust big companies like GoDaddy. Lots of account holders run into unanticipated problems with viruses on the hosting side, thresholds, or situations where it seems like the hosting company is holding your information hostage. Skip all that and go with a firm that is grassroots!

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