Community Relations

Strong community relations results in positive feelings and relationships between your business, group, or organization, and the people around you, the people in your local community. So when you’re doing business, it’s vital to have good community relations. It’s important to have a good reputation in the community. To benefit from good word of mouth, so that your local business grows instead of withering over time.

There are a variety of ways to accomplish this. Working together with other businesses, organizations, and groups in your community to build goodwill has big benefits in terms of helping get your message out, while also helping those in your local area.

From teaming up with a local food bank or homeless shelter to create a promotion, to working with the local little league. Local community relations work is a cornerstone of good business. It’s also a great idea to host or participate in events like a marathon, a trash pick-up, or even a fishing contest or food drive that are promoting local health and safety. These events can be designed to get your name in front of the community while helping a local organization to serve that same community (again, it’s all made up of people!). Creating positive Buzz and valuable “word of mouth” advertising.

Even a project to revitalize wildlife habitat is a way to build community goodwill.

All of these types of outreach lead to your neighbors remembering your message when the need arises for your services. We like to say that “the benefits of building goodwill are well worth it!”

We can help businesses and organizations alike

Our experience in working with companies including small, local businesses, making sure that these kinds of efforts benefit all of the involved parties. As well as extensive involvement in the world of Non- Profits both large and small. We can help your organization work with LOCAL businesses. If you are interested in developing a program that works to build better community relations, please contact us, and we would be happy to provide a FREE phone or zoom meeting to explore your options.

Did You know?

Did you know that this business is part of a larger Non Profit? Yes, We are part of the STEP Group, a Program of GTKYF Foundation Inc. The STEP Group stands for “Skills Training and Employment Program.” With GTKYF Foundation’s commitment to “Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom” and a diverse family of programs there is an opportunity to partner with one of these programs. Working together in your local community to make a difference. All while building goodwill towards your brand and message. Just another way to work together to build Strong Local Economic Communities that support LOCAL small businesses, family farmers, healthy families, and freedom.