Are you interested in exploring the potential to have a custom app that helps you spread your message to your audiences? Most everyone today runs around with a smartphone in their pocket. Why not use that to your strategic advantage and create an app or participate in one of the many apps we already operate – and make your voice heard?

Apps can be as simple as a way for people to schedule appointments, monitor their accounts, or get updates of deals, specials, or offers from you. That helps you to leverage what your business has and what it offers customers.

Apps can range anywhere from a very basic to very complex build. To schedule a FREE phone or zoom consultation regarding your app ideas and needs please contact us.


We offer APPS for many Service and Retail related businesses and others. We can give your landscaping business the edge over the competition with your own custom app. Or we can help you to build the best farm to table operation and reach the right customer base for selling your agricultural products. All kinds of businesses can benefit from this type of innovation. It’s that simple. But too many smaller business shops feel like they don’t have access to these resources. They feel priced out of the market! We understand.

You don’t have to hire a professional engineer and pay them tens of thousands of dollars to create a mobile app. There are some creative shortcuts that we use to help our customers to get this much-needed functionality without a lot of the cost. It’s one of the lesser-known aspects of the IT field today – keeping it lean and mean leaves more money in your pocket, and that’s good business sense. On the other hand, there are all kinds of companies that are ready to build you something at inflated cost. When they start talking about “building a project scope” – run away fast!

We’re here to help you to supercharge your business without paying an arm and a leg. We feel like that’s really the way it should be, especially for small, local businesses trying to stay at a certain grassroots operating level. As they work to build their dream as small business owners.

We currently have advertising opportunities on several apps we operate and can geographically target those ads for you. These ads are very affordable, and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Please contact us for more information and get started improving your ability to compete in your field.

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