Apply for Speakers Bureau

So, you want to join our speaker’s bureau?

We are actively accepting applications for persons to join our organization who are knowledgeable about a specific topic or multiple topics and have the passion to share it with others. No public speaking experience is necessary, as we will work with you to develop those skills. That’s part of what we do here!

Speak Out in Collaboration

This is part of what we offer. And is an important part to so many companies and organizations, as well as individuals who want to share their knowledge with the world. Because we don’t require prior public speaking experience, you can jump right in and get started learning about the world of public lecturing and leveraging your own knowledge to get involved in the community. That’s a significant part of what public relations is about, and we’re excited to collaborate with speakers on a regular basis. As you share knowledge, you broaden your own horizons as well. It’s a win-win for everybody … and this kind of community work is more important than most people might think. It’s an organic business strategy! Instead of building value on corporate supply chains – we’re building it on people!

Let us know what you specialize in and where your interests lie. We’ll set up something that complements your own expertise. We’ll create a solution for you to become part of our ‘in-group.’

Once we approve your application, the following will need to be completed:

  • a phone or video interview with our staff
  • a quality photo for your bio
  • a 400 plus word bio on you for each topic you desire to be listed as a speaker for
  • copies of any credentials and degrees related you hold

These things are NOT required, but will help in developing you as a speaker and guest:

  • a video of you speaking, something that shows your areas of expertise (we can help you create this)
  • a trailer video talking about your content (we can help you create this)
  • links to articles you have written
  • links to events and shows you have been on or involved in
  • Personalized website (If you do not have one, we can build you one via our website creation group)


We reserve the right to deny service to anyone, any group, business, or organization who is in direct conflict with our parent organizations core mission “farms, food, families, and freedom.” These decisions are at the sole discretion of our management team. All decisions are final. Thank You for your understanding.