Ever Wished,
More People Knew About Your Message?

We here at “Market Me” are
all about breaking the mold
and marketing in a
“Out of the Box” world.


When you are a small business that desires to grow, or simply have enough customers to make your passion your full time job, it pays to stand out in a crowd. A crowd that is ever growing with companies, organizations, and others competing for your customers attention and that ever important sale. Through our leaderships entrepreneurial endeavors over the last twenty five plus years we have an extensive arsenal of tried and true creative ways to help you spread your message.

Ethan The Farmer
Founder GTKYF Foundation Inc

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Partner with us & Experience the true Passion For Innovation
Did we hear someone say they want to make a statement with something out of the box?
Well, that’s us!

Creative Campaigns &Projects


When you’re doing business, it’s vital to have good community relations, to benefit from good word of mouth, so that your local business grows instead of withering over time.
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Ethan The Farmer

Founder GTKYF Foundation Inc

“Our goal is NOT to get rich or wealthy on any one project, but to facilitate our parent organization’s goal as they relate to strong, healthy local economic communities. By providing affordable, value added, creative, marketing services to the small business, farmer, community organizations, and even home based businesses.”

Our Partners Love us

Ethan and his team have been looking after me for over 10 years, and are without a doubt the best in the industry. They know exactly how to take my business to its limits digitally, and present & market my products such that every user is having fabulous experience even before buying it.

Lorena Barker

I had an amazing experience with Market Me Team. They nailed what I wanted and showed me how I can place my business in the market for best reception! I'm so happy and will definitely become a regular client. Thank you guys!

Helen Closs

These guys are the best not just in the city but probably in the whole state, hands down! I've been to many other Website Developers, but none of them had the same professionalism and touch as Ethan's team. Highly recommended.

Lilly Brown

Here at Market Me

We are a different kinda marketing agency

We partner with you in working to reach "YOUR GOALS".

Many of our services are on a sliding scale and fully customizable. We want you to succeed! And are willing to invest in your success! We want to know your dreams, ideas, and be a part of you reaching them. Why not get started TODAY?

We are part of a much larger NON-PROFIT GROUP

We are part of a much larger Non Profit’s Skills Training and Employment Program (STEP) GROUP. We are not only helping your business succeed, but teaching others the needed “skills and training” to be successful in their employment, and goals in life. As well as providing employment opportunities that facilitate those in the program gaining stability and growth. Many of those in our STEP Group are veterans, those with disabilities, and persons from socio economic challenged back grounds. By working with us for your marketing needs you are helping build a more sustainable economically sound society.

Our diverse backgrounds and experiences as a whole give us many view points and angles!

Our diverse backgrounds and experiences as a whole give us many view points and angles to analyze your needs and create a pal that works for you. Our connection to the STEP Group and its parent organization give us a even larger pool of resources with which to work from in achieving your goals as they relate to marketing your business. In addition to the STEP Group our parent organization holds an extensive and impressive portfolio of tech related assets via its TECH Group. The Media Group of our parent has the capabilities of a full contingent of media related assets. From content articles, to photography, to video production, to podcasting and vbloging, and much more.